5/11/17: Should I be Embarrassed?

Dear Diary,

I have a lovely kitchenette in my Shiloh room, but no stove. Meals have been quite the adventure. Thank god there is a Panera right down the street. We are on a first-name basis.

I am trying to eat somewhat healthy.

I have also been sort of cleaning my own room. I feel weird having someone tidy up after me on a daily basis. So, I just go by the housekeeping cart and tend to the room myself. I am somewhat embarrassed when I take out the trash, though. 

I try to hide the numerous to-go containers. The staff must think there is a family of ten eating in there.

On a more positive note, Mitch and I hosted Portugal the Man in the Skype Live Studio today. What a fantastic group of  guys with amazing talent. I will definitely be snagging their album when it drop June 16th.

Talk to you tomorrow,



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