5/26/17 Corey’s Diary: Yes, I’m Wearing A Snuggie

Dear Diary,

I am packed and ready to go. I am a little sleepy. I was up later than usual getting ready for the three day weekend.

Coffee is helping.

I remembered to bring my Snuggie to work. It is always freezing in the studio. The good news is that I am warm. The bad news is that the coziness is not helping with the sleepiness.

I got some great news yesterday. I was able to secure my stay at the airport Shiloh through July.

I can’t get into my rental until July 10th. I was looking into VRBO or AirBnB, but to do that for over a month would be super expensive. Pus, Jeff has to VRBO while we wait for the rental because he has the dogs. So, if we were both doing that…we’d basically be putting both our paychecks directly into housing.

We asked our landlord in Seattle if we could stay in the house an extra month or two…nope.

This is our last weekend there. Hopefully, we don’t have to spend the whole time packing.

In the next place we live I am not unpacking anything. Then we won’t have to pack again.

Talk to you tomorrow,



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