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What are YOU doing at home, work, in your daily life, to keep your carbon footprint light, keep it sustainable, green, eco-friendly. What’s working for you in your home, family, backyard, for your pets? Share with us and we’ll share it with the KINK Community.

Metro Wildlife Tracking

Posted by Samala on October 27, 2014
wildlife tracking

Metro is hosting a 3 part wildlife tracking series, kicking off Wednesday. You can learn how to unravel the mystery and interpret clues left behind by the creatures that live there. Wednesday’s evening session will cover the fundamentals and then Sunday November 2nd and 9th you’ll practice track and sign interpretation in the field.

Check it out and get registered!

7 Awesome Reusables

Posted by Samala on October 23, 2014
reusable bags

Your reusable grocery totes are always available when you need them, you never forget your reusable coffee mug and disposable water bottles are a thing of the past.  What’s next?  Well, what’s in your purse to help reduce waste?  Here are a couple of suggestions, some items that I keep handy.  Mesh bags to hold produce. Bananas don’t need a …

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The Waterpebble

Posted by Samala on October 23, 2014

If you love gadgets, you’re competitive and looking to take steps to live a greener life, let me introduce to you the Waterpebble.  The idea is simple, the Waterpebble sits at the bottom of your shower and the first time you use it, it measures the amount of water you use.  Each shower after that, your water usage is compared …

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Oregon Zoo’s “Small Actions”

Posted by Samala on October 23, 2014
small actions

The Oregon Zoo has launched an interactive web portal that shows how everyday actions can help a number of species.  “Small Actions” allows you to explore the connections between your actions and the species they benefit.  It’s the first time an American zoo has created an interactive guide for actions people can easily take to help protect wildlife. Like this …

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Garden Home Community Sustainability Fair

Posted by Samala on October 22, 2014
garden home

Tomorrow is the 5th annual Garden Home Community Sustainability Fair.  The family friendly event is free from 4 – 7 p.m. and organizations onsite include Toxic Reduction Outreach, Green Living Journal, Solar Oregon and Washington County Recycling.  There will also be a recycled craft station for kids, a Tesla electric car on display and other events are planned.

Check it out!


Posted by Samala on October 14, 2014

It may be the worst and most offensive case of pink washing yet.  Baker Hughes, a large hydraulic fracturing service company, has donated $100,000 to the Susan G. Komen foundation and created a pink fracking drill to promote it.  Environmental exposure to certain chemicals is associated with a higher risk of breast cancer and there are over 700 chemicals commonly …

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Dirt Ball Fashion

Posted by Samala on October 13, 2014
dirt ball fashion

Kudos to Dirt Ball Fashion!  They just came out with a jacket made from 100 % recycled materials, including the equivalent of 50 recycled plastic water bottles.  The jacket, called “The 50” can also be recycled at the end of its life. “The 50” is made in the United States and it may be the first jacket that closes the …

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Flushable Wipes

Posted by Samala on October 10, 2014

One of the more recent products on the market, billing itself as flushable, is causing some major problems for septic systems. Flushable disposable wipes are not flushable and have caused sewer overflows, clogs and overall disruption within treatment plants. The wipes don’t disintegrate easily or quickly in real-world sewage systems and the build-up is driving up costs. It’s best to …

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What to Do With Old Paint Cans?

Posted by Samala on October 10, 2014
old paint can

You’re cleaning out your garage and you stumble upon a bunch of paint cans.  What do you do?  A general rule is that empty and dried paint cans can go in your recycling bin.  Make sure you remove the lid so that your hauler knows that the can is empty.  If there’s still quite a bit of paint inside and …

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Front Loading Washing Machines

Posted by Samala on October 8, 2014
washing machine

Front loading washing machines are energy and water efficient, and gentler on clothes … what’s not to love? The cost of repairs, that’s what.  So here are some tips on keeping your front loading washing machine in tip top shape.  Always use the minimum amount of soap, this is a case where less is more.  Forget the liquid fabric softeners, …

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