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What are YOU doing at home, work, in your daily life, to keep your carbon footprint light, keep it sustainable, green, eco-friendly. What’s working for you in your home, family, backyard, for your pets? Share with us and we’ll share it with the KINK Community.

Avoiding “Phantom Load”

Posted by Samala on August 28, 2014
phantom load

Here’s a way to save money and reduce your energy use.  Unplug your electronics.  Many appliances consume energy even when you’re not using them.  It’s called ‘phantom load’ and it can cost you up to $100 or more per year. You can prevent it by unplugging electronics or by plugging items into a surge protector and turning the entire strip …

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Glean Art Show

Posted by Samala on August 28, 2014
glean art show

Trashed and neglected items get turned into art at the Glean Art Show.  All art pieces were created from things found at Metro Central Transfer station, items that people had thrown away. The art show is in its fourth year and each artist created art in different ways.  Come see what’s on display at Disjecta Gallery Friday through Sunday from noon …

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Mercury in Seafood

Posted by Samala on August 28, 2014
tuna two

If you’re pregnant or looking to become pregnant you should avoid all tuna.  That warning doesn’t come from the FDA, which simply recommends that you should reduce your intake of fish that may contain mercury.  It comes from Consumer Reports which recently tested tuna samples and found mercury in every one.  Research shows that even small quantities of mercury can …

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Apple Gets Greener!

Posted by Samala on August 25, 2014
baby ipad

Score one for the green team!  Five months ago, two activist groups launched a petition to ask Apple to investigate the use of two chemicals in the production of its iDevices.  This month, the agency said they decided to explicitly ban the two chemicals from the iPhone and iPad assembly.  Let’s hope this motivates others to follow.  Keep on keeping …

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The Transit Diet

Posted by Samala on August 25, 2014
transit diet

Here’s another reason to ditch your car, at least occasionally on your commute… 5-7 pounds.  A study in the UK found that transit commuters along with people who biked and walked to work weigh less.  What’s interesting is that it’s not just those active commuters, but people who take public transit are also feeling positive effects from their greener choices.

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Sunday Parkways

Posted by Samala on August 25, 2014
sunday parkway logo

This Sunday is the 4th of 5 Portland Sunday Parkways and the weather will be perfect for a day of walking or biking around Southeast Portland.  Explore Laurelhurst, Colonel Summers and Ivon Parks and join in on activities along the way.  If you’re not interested in biking it, you can sign up to volunteer!

Click here to learn how.

Green Your Life

Posted by Samala on August 20, 2014

Watch out Candy Crush, move over Angry Birds, there’s a new Facebook app with a sustainability twist.  Green Your Life has a to-do list that features a series of activities to complete to earn green currency. There are games, quizzes and videos too to keep you entertained while you’re learning new ways to green your virtual life along with your …

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Environmental Superpowers

Posted by Samala on August 20, 2014
pacific coast action

There’s a new superpower on the block.  An environmental superpower.  Oregon has joined forces with California, Washington and British Columbia, signing an agreement to form an eco-friendly alliance aimed at lowering carbon emissions.  One of the many goals of the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy is to develop common permitting standards for renewable energy projects.

Learn more about …

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Cool Schools

Posted by Samala on August 18, 2014
lewis and clark

Congratulations Lewis & Clark College!  They ranked number 5 on the Sierra Club’s latest “Cool Schools”, which ranks four year colleges by a variety of environmental measures.  What stood out was their locavore policies, one-fourth of the school’s food served on campus comes from within 100 miles and most of it is organic. Other Northwest schools making the list include …

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Seed Bombs Away!

Posted by Samala on August 14, 2014
seed bomb

Ever heard of a seed bomb?   They’re often made with clay and have a mixture of clay soil, flower  seeds and compost bound with water. They’re easy and inexpensive to make and can be molded into any shape.   Seed bombs are best used in spring or fall, when rainfall is heaviest.  And they’re fun projects to do with …

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