Corey’s Diary 1/9/18: This Is Not How I Wanted To Start 2018

Dear Diary,

It’s been a while since I took pen to paper…well, fingernail to keyboard to do my diary. I skipped yesterday because this bug I have is certainly not anyone needs to see in person. However, I felt guilty missing another day.

I slept til one pm today. God bless Mitch’s heart. He has the same funk, but has been powering through. He told me to stay home. In fact, as of last count about 70% of the entire staff has caught this. It’s a nasty one.

I haven’t returned my dad’s phone call yet, because I didn’t want to cough in his ear the whole time.

Jeff has been sleeping in the guest bedroom. I don’t blame him, I’m loud and I want hope he doesn’t get this.

My friend, Whitney, is coming to visit Friday. I am hoping I am better by then. I doubt I am still contagious, but as soon as I am done I will be taking Clorox to keyboard.

Whitney has lived here and has friends and family in town. So, she’s cool about not needing me to entertain her.

Off to wash the sheets.

Talk to you tomorrow,




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