Hike #1 – Elowah Falls & Latourell Falls

These two short and easy hikes are a bit of a drive from each other – approx 13 miles apart. So needless to say they don’t really go together for any rhyme or reason but they were the hikes we picked for the day and why not?! Both are excellent hikes if you have kids.

#1 – Elowah Falls

The hike in for Elowah Falls is a short .5 mile in and another .5 out. We were going to go up past it to see Upper McCord falls but as landslide as of March 5th had the upper trail washed out.

#2 – Latourell Falls & Upper Latourell Falls

I had never made it up past the park & viewpoint at Latourell Falls PLUS never realized there is an Upper Latourell Falls. This is a short 2.5 mile loop that’s pretty easy for adults but kids might struggle a bit with the incline. However we saw plenty of kids out on the trail.

Click the photo below for more pics. So much to see in the PNW! Enjoy where it takes you next. – Jared





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