Jason Miller

Jason Miller

Sun: 7am – 11am

Host: Sunday Brunch Unplugged

Of all the words that have been used to describe me (Luminary, etc…) I think the most accurate would have to be luminary.  I was born in Detroit, but moved to the Seattle area when I was 8.  My interest in radio began when I was in fifth grade.  One weekend I accidentally tuned in to old radio dramas before going to bed.  I heard an old “Suspense” mystery and it scared me half to death.  I barely slept the rest of the weekend…but I was hooked.  In 8th grade when we had to “job shadow” someone for a school project, I shadowed Andy Savage, host of the morning show on 107.7  The End.

I went to college in Ellensburg, WA at Central Washington University.  I worked with a family of chimpanzees who were able to communicate using American Sign Language.  I got my degree in Anthropology specializing in Primate Behavior, but all of my spare time was spent at the College radio station 88.1 The Burg.  I hosted a few different radio shows and was the Production Director.

When I graduated in 2007 I got hired to produce a radio show down in Portland.  The show was “Mark Lindsay’s Rock and Roll Café” hosted by, none other than Mark Lindsay.  Earlier this year, I got hired by KINK to do a weekend on air shift along with being a KINK roadie.  I couldn’t be happier.  I love KINK’s music and listen to it constantly when I’m not at work.  On top of that, everyone that I’ve met at KINK has been incredible to work with.

Aside from radio, I bicycle, play basketball, and play music in a band, The Milford Academy (yes, we’re on twitter).  My girlfriend Laura and I live near the Hawthorne District along with my pet leopard gecko Frodrick.  Laura and I love Portland, Frodrick remains undecided.

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