Join me in making a pledge for Plastics Free July

I’m into the 3rd day of my pledge for a Plastic Free July. It’s a yearly challenge that inspires people to give up single use plastics or plastics all together, for a week or the entire month. By now you know the problem with plastics, they don’t break down, they’re littering our waterways and oceans, the chemicals in plastic get into our food chain and the use of plastics increases our eco-footprint. Why else do it? Well, every bit of plastic ever made still exists, and did you know that in the first 10 years of this century the world has produced more plastic that the entire 1900’s! My pledge for the month is to avoid single use plastics by bringing my own shopping and produce bags to all stores, using my own cup at the coffee shop and being conscious of my purchases at the grocery store. You can join me and millions worldwide.



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