Latest complaints about KINK

Look we’re just a bunch of people who love music and our community, have a giant loudspeaker, and as humans do have demeanors that may or may not be to one’s liking.  Now with that said everyone has an opinion on how KINK should operate.  Rightfully so.  We do read and hear them and take comments into consideration.

These come from e-mails, texts, voice messages:

1. Voice message:  I was just driving home chilling feeling good about myself and then you mention “nuclear holocaust.”   Way to ruin my day.  What right do you have to use those words?  They’re all in your mind.  Who are you?   —— my response:   Ummm.  I only mentioned that if there was a nuclear holocaust that I would want Portland to be spared.  Would you prefer that I picked Seattle?

2. Email:  I don’t like the new morning show.  That girl is always laughing at stuff and I hate her laugh. It does not match my morning mood.   They have no respect for the news. —— my response:  When we were interviewing the new morning show we were taken aback on how much fun they were to be around and how everyone who met them seemed to also have a good time.  Conversely we had interviewed a morning show that was dour, miserable and morose.  Maybe we should have hired them instead?  Also, about the news and having no respect for it… lately, seemingly the news has no respect for us.  Touche?

3. Email: Kink was a much better station in 1969 when I started listening.  Where are all the good bands like Moby Grape, Cream, Vanilla Fudge, Frank Zappa, Big Brother and The Holding Company?  —— My Response:  Fine bands from the past that can all be found in the archives in the Library of Congress; Jukebox along with audio from Herbert Hoover, Eleanor Roosevelt and field recordings of field workers singing hymnals.  The library of Congress is open to the public, only high-ranking government officials may check out books and materials.  So there’s that.

4. Text: If you play that Shine On song one more time I’m going to go nuclear!  —— my response:  See complaint number one.

There are nice responses from time to time but they are not posted here because they tend to be complimentary and not very funny.



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