A Member Of Our KINK Family Is Facing A Serious Health Crisis

Sean Demery, our Program Director and Afternoon Host  suffered a major brain stem stroke on Jan 20th. This has left him in a situation called Locked In Syndrome, his body is immobile, paralyzed, with only movement in his eyes.  He is completely mentally intact, still our funny, kind, smart Sean.

He is able to communicate with his eyes which two amazing Speech Therapists discovered. This therapy is ongoing with the hopes in the future of being able to use Assisted Augmented Communication Devices (think Steven Hawking).

Sean wants to get back to work as soon as possible…everyday he wants to read work email and he is keeping up with his face book posts.   Everyone at KINK and our parent company, Alpha Media USA misses Sean greatly.

However, the reality is this is a very long recovery road.  He continues to fight hard even when his body is exhausted.  If you would like to reach out to Sean on his Facebook page,  please CLICK HERE.


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