No, no, and no!

Abby Beckley lives in Grants Pass Oregon and in the summer of 2016, she began having an issue with one of her eyes…it felt like an eyelash was in her eye, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t locate it.  She was working on a salmon boat at the time and her eye issue was frustrating.   She tried eye drops to wash out the lash….she tried cold compresses to help with the irritation…but nothing worked.  For three weeks that August, her eye was really bugging her…you’ve had that feeling where it feels like something is in your eye, but you can’t see anything in there…its just irritating.  Then one day, Abby was starring into a magnifying mirro, still trying to locate that pesky lash and she saw something dart across her eye ball…she then used her finger to grab it and out came a nearly half inch long translucent worm….and then she noticed another one….and another and another and another….she had a total of fourteen half inch long translucent and very much alive worms in her eyes.  She was rushed to the hospital and that’s where doctors indentified the worms as a type of cattle worm that has only been reported to infect a human 11 other times in history.   Fortunately Abby is going to be ok…the worms were most likely transmitted to her by a fly that hand landed on a cow near her home.



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