Recycle Your Child’s Old Car Seat

Child car seats can be a life saver, but what do you do when you’re done with them? The answer is quite easy. Recycle them, of course. Legacy Emanuel in North Portland began recycling car seats in 2007 and since that time have kept nearly 12,000 seats out of the landfill. A few Fix Auto locations and all of Far West Recycling’s six Portland area locations will also recycle children’s car seats. Before you recycle them, take off the fabric and foam. You can put these in the garbage. The metal harness can go in your curbside bin and that leaves you with the hard-plastic shell. You can find out which recycler is closest to you by calling Metro’s Recycling Information Hotline.

Metro 503-234-3000

One note: If you take them to Far West Recycling, you can recycle the fabric (NOT the foam) in the box labeled “GEMTEX”.



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