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Corey Foley was born and raised in Florida, and is a second generation Florida Gator. She loves spending time with her three dogs and her hubby, looking for the perfect chicken wing and watching college football. She also digs meeting new people, hiking, any kind out outdoor festival and searching for her next tattoo.  

Mitch Elliott was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia but calls the Pacific Northwest his home for the last 15 years. Mitch loves cooking, exploring Portland’s food scene, and flying stunt kites on the Coast.   He lives in Southwest Portland with his partner Derek and their amazing Golden Retriever named  Ruby-June and their lovable mutt named Brewster.  Mitch is celebrating his 29th year in broadcasting.



Corey & Mitch
The KINK Flasks Have Arrived!

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Corey & Mitch
Corey & Mitch Speak With Alicia About Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis

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Corey & Mitch
Help Us In Our Fight Against Breast Cancer

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Corey & Mitch
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Corey & Mitch
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