Love Goodly

I’m drawn to subscription boxes because I like trying new products. There are a lot of choices for boxes but some of them aren’t great, the products often contain chemicals that have been linked to a number of health problems and the products are cheap. I use EWG’s Skin Deep database to screen my products and I found a subscription box that does the same. Love Goodly doesn’t curate products that have harmful ingredients and they collect a variety of items in their boxes. I received one of their boxes that included a bamboo toothbrush, lip tint, and a vegan wristlet. I reached out to Love Goodly and they’re offering KINK listeners a discount.

I recommend this box if you want a variety of products. The products are mostly full-size and they range from beauty/skincare to healthy snacks and wellness to accessories.

Promo code for $5 off any the first bimonthly box subscription only: LOVEKINK



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