Toxic-free ways to get rid of ants

I spend part of my work week at Metro, part of the Ask Metro crew to help people, among other things, reduce their waste and avoid toxic chemicals. I spoke to a woman who had an infestation of ants. Spring and fall are the time of year when ants start invading homes. If you’ve got ants, or want to head off an invasion, here are some things you can do. First clean all of your surfaces, especially in the kitchen. Soap and water will do, the soap washes away the chemical markers they leave for other ants. Then look around for gaps around baseboards, window frames, under-counter plumbing and foundation cracks and seal those up. Prune away branches or plants that are touching the walls or roof of your house. Also, ants don’t like strong smells because it messes up their trail, so add peppermint to water in a spray bottle and spray at entry points.



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